w/ the Pussycat Dolls
in Beverly Hills, CA

Eyed Peas & friends
in Columbus, Ohio

w/ Vanilla Ice
in Louisville, Kentucky

w/ best friend, Jenny and Justin Jeffrey of 98Degrees fame
in Cincinnati, Ohio

w/ Finesse Mitchell from "Saturday Night Live" in NYC

w/ Bill Engvall from "Blue Collar TV" in Evansville, IN

w/ Larry the Cable Guy from "Blue Collar TV" in Clio, Michigan

w/Brooke Shields in Cincinnati, OH

w/ Dave Attell from "Insomniac" and my brother, Jason,
in Dayton, OH

w/ Jay Chandrasekhar of
Super Troopers/Dukes of Hazzard Fame,
in Cincinnati, OH

w/ Grammy Award Winning, Best New Artist,
John Legend in Columbus, OH

w/ Matthew Perry from "Friends" in Santa Monica, CA

w/ Tom Wilson AKA 'Biff' from Back to the Future I-III
in Newport, KY

w/ "the Biggest Name in Comedy",
Costaki Economopoulos in Cincinnati, OH

w/ two of NY's finest, Brad Trackman and Mark Riccadonna
in Cincinnati, OH

w/ Craig Robinson from "The Office" in Cincinnati, OH
in October 2005 (love the shirt Craig!)

w/ Ralph Harris in Columbus, OH

w/ Tammy Pescatelli from "Last Comic Standing"
in Cincinnati, OH
w/ Tommy Johnigan in Cincinnati, OH

w/ Tommy Johnigan AGAIN a year later in Louisville, KY

w/ Andy Campbell from the Nobodies of Comedy Tour
and his wife, Ashley, in Albany, NY

w/ Ryan Dalton in Newport, KY

w/ Bengals Storm Trooper in Cincinnati, OH

w/ Chip and Dale in Orlando, FL

w/ Teen Wolf in Newport, KY

Kristin or Cameron?